I Am Percy Bass

Helping You Sustain a Better Quality of Life Through Optimal Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Health and wellness has always been a passion of mine. For the past 15 years my focus has been managing humans and their health. I have all the degrees and certifications to know what I am talking about:

  • BS in Dietetics and Institutional Administration
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Personal Training Certification from The Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

More importantly, I have the passion, the drive, and the commitment to helping people obtain and sustain a better quality of life.  I have watched too many members of my family and community fall prey to the “culture” of food. I do not want that to happen to you and this is why I wrote The D.O.P.E Method Book.

It is my desire to help people get their health back through proper nutrition and exercise practices. Through my book The D.O.P.E Method I will reach more people and change more lives.

Here’s to being D.O.P.E in your life!


Purchase The D.O.P.E. Method Book by November 9, 2022 and get The D.O.P.E. Method BONUS!

My D.O.P.E Method Book will teach you how to Prioritize and Emphasize Nutrition in your life and become the Dopest version of yourself

Here’s what you will get in the Book:

D.O.P.E Nuggets

Learn simple tips and tricks to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life.

D.O.P.E Action Steps

Step-By-Step actions to easily implement the DOPE Method into your life.

D.O.P.E Worksheets

All the action steps are supported by worksheets to allow you ease of completion.

D.O.P.E Simply Explained

I will take you through a simple yet detailed process where to succeed on your health and weight loss journey for the long haul.


“Percy’s training & gym are amazing!!! He reached my mind by changing my mindset first. After changing my mindset, the nutrition counseling he provided & training became a healthy habit that I have kept for 6 years & counting!! His gym (Head2Toe) is always positive, motivating, and fun!! His clients and trainers are (and have always been) positive & encouraging as well!! I have made friends at his gym with the same mindset that are still part of my life & fitness journey. Everything that Percy has done & provided for his clients & me will always be appreciated. I am grateful that I joined his gym because it changed my lifestyle into a healthy one!! Thank You SO Much for training me & changing my mindset!!” 💗🙌🏾💗

~Kellie Garner

“Awesome place for fitness. Coach Percy is very knowledgeable about health, fitness and nutrition. He works very closely with his clients to set plans and develop skills and knowledge for longterm success. His support staff and coaches are awesome as well. Great place to be if you’re looking for a “gym family”. I’ve been going for years and would recommend it to anyone.”

~Erin Russell

“When I was referred to Percy and Head2Toe Fitness by a friend, he told me what an amazing experience he had. My friend knew I was looking to find someone who could help with my fitness journey.

I’ve had back surgery, and knee surgery that prevented me from doing many everyday things normal is ppl do as well as gaining an extreme amount of weight.

When I went to Percy I came in and told him how much weight I want to lose. Percy stopped me in my tracks, and told me his goal was to get me MOVING BETTER, so that I can FEEL BETTER, so that I can LOOK BETTER‼️ Mission Accomplished‼️

And the rest is history…… Percy has literally changed my life and I’m forever grateful!!! Yes I’m still on the studio regularly.”

~Paul Hill

“Percy provides the highest level of quality in both fitness and nutrition training. I have learned so much and made life changes in nutrition. His recipes are easy to follow and tasty. My husband and I have adopted a much more healthy approach to daily eating. Percy’s communications are stellar. It is obvious that he puts a lot of time into research and planning. This is not just a fitness studio. It’s so much more!”

~Karen Jefferson

“H2T was a great place to workout. A great community of people who really want you to succeed. Percy goes above and beyond just workouts. He also helps with focus groups for nutrition, provides recipes and motivation!”

~Viridiana Ramirez

“I started my fitness journey in 2013. Percy knows his fitness, diet and will hold you accountable to obtain your goals!”

~Seasyn Ruvacalba

“I have learned so much from this group! The amount of knowledge you share is priceless. The food suggestions, recipes and weekly motivational emails are all so helpful. I love that you focus on the “whole” person.”

~Karen Taylor Jefferson

“I joined the motivational H2T family a little over a year ago and I have never looked back. The support and more importantly the LOVE that Percy Bass and his team have for every person that walks through those doors, is inspiring enough to make any one person give it their all. I started with Percy at 189 pounds, and I am now healthier and more fit than I have ever been at 148 pounds. I continue to learn and grow while working closely with the incredible family at H2T. I should say it more often… Thank you for everything you do!”


“H2T has given me my life back! 10 months ago I was obese and suffering with High Blood pressure with no knowledge on losing weight besides walking. H2T has changed that completely. They have given me great workouts but they also have given me the tools and knowledge to change my lifestyle completely. I am proud to say 2 years and 10 months later I am 120 pounds down and no longer have high blood pressure. All because of the  great team of people with Head2Toe. They say it takes a village to raise a child but it takes a great gym to raise a healthier person and H2T is that!”


“I lost a significant amount of weight in the past, and I’ve been at a plateau for the last few years.  I was working my butt off at the gym, but NOTHING was changing. I decided I should go ahead and try one of the challenges Percy does.   I did the 6 week challenge with Percy and. I was shocked how much “junk” I was putting in my body which I’ve always thought was healthy.  End result – I lost 12 lbs. and several inches (I didn’t measure-but went down 1 dress size).  The most amazing part is how I feel – I FEEL HEALTHY!! I’m not tired during the day and I sleep better at night…it was a total WIN-WIN for me!!    Working with Percy helped me realized not only does my body need exercise to stay fit and healthy but also the RIGHT food.”


“I loved my experience with SNAP. Over the course of ten weeks I have lost 10 pounds (1lbs per week) with use of the meal guides, the accountability provided during bi-weekly one-on-one with Percy and group calls with other participants. Through the calls I learned not be so hard on myself but to focus on each win, even if it was small it is still a win. Through SNAP I learned how to create weekly meal plans in our in to be prepared for the week. Have remember the 5 Ps Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. The program has given me the tools that has set me on a path to my healthiest and happiest self again with the assistance of the best professionals of the field, and making lasting behavioral/mindset changes!

SNAP has been a great program for me. It has held me to a higher level of accountability which I need. But the support has been the biggest thing for me. The group and individual calls have helped me navigate this journey better. I’m definitely starting to see results on and off the scale. So far I’ve loss 10lbs and some inches. Thanks Percy for such great hands on program!!!”